How One Company Cut Their Hiring Costs by 90% Using a Hiring Platform

November 16, 2022

Job hunting is a time-consuming and expensive process - for both the job seeker and the employer. The average cost-per-hire in the United States is $4,129, and the process can take up to 52 days. However, a new tool on the market is changing the game. TwoLink is a revolutionary new software that connects job seekers with employers - and it's entirely free to use.

In a recent study, we asked one of our clients - a large corporation with over 10,000 employees - to compare their costs using TwoLink with their previous methods of hiring. The results? They were able to cut their hiring costs by 90%. Here's how they did it.

TwoLink Reduces Time-to-Hire by 50%
The first way TwoLink saves users money is by reducing the time-to-hire by 50%. Because job seekers and employers are connected through the software, there's no need for endless rounds of interviews or phone screens. Employers can quickly identify qualified candidates and make an offer without even having to advertise a new vacancy.

TwoLink Cuts Ads by 80%
The second way TwoLink saves users money is by cutting down on advertising costs. Usually, companies looking to fill a position will post a job ad on their website or on a job board like Indeed or Monster. However, with TwoLink, companies can post their open positions directly on the software - for free. As a result, they don't need to pay for costly ads that may or may not reach their target audience.

TwoLink Is Free to Use
Finally, TwoLink is entirely free to use - for both job seekers and employers. There are no hidden fees or monthly charges. All you need is an internet connection, and you're good to go.

If you're looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to hire employees, TwoLink is the answer. With its ability to reduce time-to-hire by 50% and cut advertising costs by 80%, it's no wonder that one of our clients was able to save over $3 million in just one year.