Appointment Scheduling

Best Appointment scheduling software

Appointment Scheduling software streamlines the process of scheduling clients, patients, and meetings.
Art Gallery

Best art gallery software

Gallerists, art dealers, collectors, and artists use art gallery software to effectively manage their respective businesses. Art gallery software helps manage and track important information such as inventory, transactions, sales commissions, and more. It allows users to create detailed collection catalogs with in-depth information about each piece. Art gallery software also assists in marketing and selling art, as well as automating tasks related to organizing shows and exhibits.
IT Project Management

Best IT project management software

IT Project Management software is used by corporate IT teams and project managers to track task assignments, expenses, and progress of application development, maintenance, and deployment.
Billing and Invoicing

Best billing and invoicing software

Billing and invoicing software automates payment invoicing, receiving, and processing. These systems efficiently process complex accounts across multiple customers and product lines by incorporating contract data and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Billing and invoicing solutions work in tandem with accounting applications and provide a variety of revenue reporting and compliance tools.
Applicant Tracking

Best applicant tracking software

In a highly competitive job market, applicant tracking software (ATS) allows recruiters to streamline the whole process of managing applications. It provides recruiters a well-organized database of applicants and job information. The software helps them collect applicant information and filter it based on skills and job requirements. ATS provides an interface that allows recruiters to manage all the open opportunities in an organization's job openings. It also helps with tasks such as applicant tracking, applicant scoring, candidate profiling, and resume parsing.
Time Tracking

Best time tracking software

Time tracking software tracks the total time spent by employees on tasks and projects. This software captures employee time, hourly wages, and client billing rates and using this information to automate invoicing and payroll management functions.
Project Management

Best project management software

Project Management software automates task assignment, resource allocation and milestone tracking for all phases of a project.

Best whiteboard software

Whiteboard software allows businesses to collaborate remotely or in person on a digital canvas.

Best E-commerce software

eCommerce software is a tool for setting up an online retail store and managing operations. The software offers many features, including a self-service portal, website design, product listing, online payment processing, sales reporting, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Best assessment software

Assessment software is used by education and HR professionals to test knowledge retention and skill levels of students, employees,and job applicants.